3rd January 1998


Abbey Life


…I am not getting basic answers to my questions.


…I don't understand the indecent slowness in addressing my obviously personal and very important worries.


…Abbey Life introduced the cover, under which I am claiming, without my asking for it.


…and I am still awaiting reply to several simple questions


My questions are really so simple:


·                       Am I insured or not?

·                       Will my mortgage be paid upon my death?

·                       Are my dependants going to meet with problems?


Comments like the following should not be included. They reveal too much useful information:


No - I do know that I am under intolerable pressure with all of this and I don't need the aggravation.


No - I'm really fed up with this business and it needs to be cleared up quickly.


No - It is patently clear that I am in serious trouble and the last type of problem I need is the necessity to mount this challenge.


No - I need answers…



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