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a claim goes in the real definitions become apparent. "Your patient is claiming is [sic] respect of ... and, if this is confirmed the sum assured is payable". This is not a true statement.


The sum assured, in theory, is payable, but actually is not payable because it has been confirmed.


…interpretation that it is misleading in order to trap the information provider(s).


…necessary to get the medical questionnaire…ABBEY LIFE failed to provide it at repeated request.


…not possible to obtain literature, or any similar kind of information, from ABBEY LIFE unless from a financial advisor (salesman)


…other companies freely and comprehensively satisfy such requests by post.


…15 months between October 97 to December 98 during which time ABBEY LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED maintained that there was evidence of a pre-existing condition at least 14 months before the ultimate diagnosis (27th November 1996).


have not and absolutely refuse to this day to reveal what these alleged associated symptoms/manifestations are.


…work backwards by at least 14 months from the diagnosis date to predate cover simply to justify refusing my claim.


…accessing the medical history to then find appropriate observations. The Lords have debated and concluded (reported in The Times 4.12.98) that a pre-existing condition cannot exist until after a diagnosis.


A symptom cannot be such until a diagnosis is made to assign an observation to a then known condition.


unknown condition is not likely to be specifically excluded


…referral to a specialist (October 1996) does not constitute advice for an unknown condition.


…administrator has the delegated authority to make complex medical judgements concerning life and death situations.


…implies that the involvement of the Chief Medical Officer is not necessary.


·                     There may well be a legal issue here.


…settling this valid claim until forced to do so (the IOB decision is binding).


…sustained psychological assault.


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