Managing Director

Abbey Life


…interested only in the figures for the endowment endorsements. The rare low incidence critical illnesses.


…not persuaded by selected facts. I have asked for answers to specific questions. These have not been provided.


…arrogance to imagine you have any right to bargain with my life as though it is a commodity of no consequence.


…abject refusal to explain the reason for the claim refusal. The obvious reason is that you could not justify and sustain the refusal. You had no argument that would stand up to close examination.


…consistently argued my case over 15 months in total opposition to Abbey Life. The Ombudsman ultimately agreed. To elicit a fair and correct decision. The precedent has been set.


…that your policy interpretation is flawed and that it is perverse, in the insurance game, to give yourself certainty by allowing retrospective analysis.


…total intransigence. Completely ignoring letters can only have one interpretation.


…issues raised centre around compliance and adherence to procedures.


…assuming you have SOPs…


…position as Managing Director…oversee policy.


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