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Norwich Union


…have reviewed the content.


…do not see any reference to pre-existing conditions.


…possible that angina may be corrected by angioplasty…also have a condition for coronary artery bypass. This may be necessary later after angioplasty. If no claim had been made on angioplasty, or even if it had, would the fact that this procedure had been carried out be used to reject a claim for coronary artery bypass since a cardiovascular condition is known. A pre-existing condition.


…Benign Brain Tumour…such a condition is unknown, but becomes known after an MRI scan…and is proof of its existence, is the claim valid although by the nature of a benign tumour it may be considered mature and therefore argued it should have been evident some years earlier? Some form of symptom could be used to demonstrate the existence of an earlier unknown tumour. Consequently such a claim may fail.


…Loss of Limbs as a specific Permanent and Total Disability…any occupation clause…dismemberment may be as a result of an accident…rather than amputation due to circulation problems. If both legs had been amputated, one above the knee joint, would a claim fail because a desk job from a wheelchair is possible?


…Loss of Hearing…no reference to hazardous pursuits, like boxing, but only dangerous activities like aviation but not as a passenger in a registered airline. Could this benefit be removed so a claim cannot be made against it in the event of partial deafness, say, in one ear only, possibly as a consequence of such hazardous pursuit? Maybe it might be assumed to occur through such activities. There may be other reasons.


…idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease…the critical illness is only such in late PD (Levodopa management is only in advanced PD). Is earlier PD evidence of a pre-existing condition?


…the full definition of each of the conditions covered are as they appear in the actual policy document and that these definitions provide the detailed basis upon which claims will be considered. This appears to explicitly state there will be no undisclosed extra detailed conditions that must be fulfilled. When a claim is made do more questions get asked that are not defined in the condition?


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