Sun Life invites:


If you’re between the ages of 50 and 80, then you’ve got reason to celebrate! You’ve reached the age when you’re guaranteed to be accepted for low-cost life cover. That’s right - provided you are between 50 and 80 you will automatically be accepted for cover with Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan. There’s absolutely no medical involved, and you won’t even have to visit your doctor or answer any health questions.


It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It does state only that the applicant will be accepted - Sun Life can activate the policy.


No medical or any check is necessary, BUT when, if, a claim is lodged the entire life-time medical history becomes available.


Be very careful here.


Unless death occurs as the result of an accident, any natural death will have a reason. Why stop at 80 years of age? Death by simply old age then becomes too likely, presumably. Before this, statistically there will be a health reason for death. Something manifesting within an 80 year lifetime.


It will be revealed after death. A post-mortem might uncover all sorts of problems that could not possibly be known before death. Alzheimer’s Disease? Evidence from examination of the brain only after death would provide the necessary proof. Be aware that even if a post mortem isn’t legally required, the report will be required to make a claim. Successfully or not.


Check the requirements before buying this type of product. Scrutinise the conditions - the detail not synopsis.


·                     Suggestion for a letter of enquiry.


I have recently come across Sun Life 50-80. I am exploring possibilities for insurance in later life and in a few years time I will reach this age. I do, however, need some clarification. The pledge is to guarantee acceptance into the plan without any medical or health check. The guarantee of acceptance is rather meaningless if a claim were to be made against this insurance policy. Presumably, the checks would then be made. Retrospectively.


So, what criteria are used to determine a claim acceptance? Obviously, I would not wish my dependants to be exposed to any problems. Please forward to me the condition criteria and the extent of cover. Especially the quality of evidence required to mount a claim. I require the details and not a synopsis to be in a position to judge whether this plan would be appropriate.


Yours faithfully,


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